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Our 2022 coastal planting day focused on protecting and providing habitat for the vulnerable Hooded Plover. 1000 plants were put in the ground by over 40 young wonderful volunteers. The main species planted being Coastal spinifex (Spinifex sericeus) due to the important habitat it provides for the Hooded Plover.

With a wide variety of businesses sponsoring this project, it was the largest planting session we've had to date with 1000 plants put in the dunes. We got lucky with the weather managing to avoid the regular strong Middleton breeze making it prime time plant time. To thank the amazing crew that came out to plant, friend of Breathe Easy, Ben whipped up a storm, finishing the day off with a feed on the beach.

To remember the day artist Hari Hari created a wicked t-shirt design of coastal spnifex that we were able to sell and put the funds towards future planting days with the shirts donated by Daily Grind.

The Chapman Road project was a great success for us, helping us figure out the direction we wanted to take Breathe Easy and helping us acknowledge the magic of bringing people together for a positve cause.








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