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The 2021 Day Street dunes project focused on allowing the heavily weed infested sand dunes of Middleton to breathe, through hard core weeding and dense plantings. Giving a chance for native vegetation to thrive and support a wide range of fauna, creating a stronger and more resilient dune environment. 

This planting day was the first challenge with bureaucracy I have come across. Plans for a 30 person planting day were halted a day or 2 before the Saturday as Insurance and council approval deemed the outside event inappropriate amongst the madness of covid. 

Unfortunately, we had almost 300 tubestocks grown specifically for this sand dune and all of a sudden no one to plant them. I was staring down the barrel of a long day in the sand dunes digging and planting all by myself - that doesn't sound too horrible, but let me tell you… 

Planting and hardwork outdoors is best enjoyed with the company of others. My crew at Natural Landscapes all put there hand up to help me remove 3 tonne of Gazania and plant the saltbush and grasses. Happy days. I then spent the next year walking down from my nearby home with 2 watering cans and giving them a weekly drink of Seaweed tonic and middleton tap water - delish. 

Today, the Day St revegetation project brings its own challenges, with deeply rooted weed banks infesting the area seasonally, neighbours pulling out the native plants in favour of the South African daisy.. and the occasional chip packet and or coopers pale ale stubby left behind, A big learning curve for us. Theres plenty to develop regarding community engagement, council relationships and the legacy of environmental work, but we’re here for it and loving it.








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