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In 2022 we completed a private revegetation project in the beautiful Emu Bay area, working closely with local ecologists and nurseries to select the indigenous species to help return this cleared land to its natural state. 

The 2022 Kangaroo Island Project was a special project for us due to the amazing and unique range of native plants KI has to offer. The Breathe Easy team (Gerry and Aussie) was joined by good friend Issy (shred lord), who helped put the 400 plants in the ground. Whilst there, we were sure to emmerse ourselves in the beautiful KI bush, taking every oppurtunity to explore the island and appreciate the diverse environment that it holds. Helping us enjoy our work even more with a greater appreciation of the importance of revegetation espeacially in a place like KI. We were able to form great connections whilst there, gaining local knowledge which was invaluable to get the most appropiate native and endemic plants and to see the best results for the project.

Although the surf was flat we were still able to get in amoungst the bitterly cold waters of the island and enjoyed a fire on the beach forming a true highlight of the project for the crew.

And we would like to thank all the amazing locals who contributed to what was our best private reveg job yet.








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