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In 2020 we hosted a planting day at the popular surf break Middleton point to bring back native edible plants including native Pig face (Carpobrotus rossi) whilst also having a focus on soil stability to prevent further erosion.

Thanks to the continued support and creativity of Ben Hewett from yeohaus. Our first planting day was held under the guidance of Yeohaus side project ‘ Paradise Plant Club’ a female focused surfbrand dedicated to cultivating a culture of environmental health and nourishment of mind and soul. 

We hosted 30 friends at the famous middleton point (Ratalang in Ngarrindjeri language) and shared a beautiful day as a sea fog rolled into the bay. Plenty of laughs, and good times were had, before we hiked back to Yeohaus for a coffee and warm meal.

This day was also when we met Leif Justham, A hardcore environmentalist who showed up with his friends to learn about the local envioronment and give back to the land he had been getting so much enjoyment out of. Leif passed away 6 months after meeting us, on an amazing bike ride around the whole coast of Australia. His bike ride was dedicated to pushing for people to change their super annuation company in favour of more ethical organisations. Many super groups use contributions from members to invest into large scale mining, farming and environmentally detrimental companies. These small decisions we make have huge consequences on the environment. 

So to havee the privilege of meeting Leif and hearing of his complete dedication to protecting the environment was a moment of legendary inspiration for us.









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