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In March of 2023 we set off to Tanzania in East Africa to kick start the beginning of the PAMOJA PROJECT. Before we arrived we didn't really know what or how Breathe Easy would fit into our little adventure, we didn't even have a name for the project!!! But by the end of our time there it was clear to us what is was that Breathe Easy could do...........

We (Aussie and Gerry) spent a little over five weeks in Tanzania, majority of the time in the northern part of the country in the Manyara and Arusha regions. It is in this time we lived with Oscar, Oscar is a Tanzanian man living in Arusha city working as a mountain guide on Mt Kiliminjaro whilst also being a farmer in the Manyara region. It is this farm that brought us to Tanzania, on the farm Oscar produces marahage (beans) and mahindi (maize) all sown by hand and harvested by hand.

During our time with Oscar we helped work on his farm. The farm being in an extremely isolated and rural part of Manyara

Oscar is as generous and determined as a human can be and has inspired and intrenched in us the values that we want to instill in Breathe Easy. Welcoming us into his home and country, Oscar opened a world of oppurtunity for Breathe Easy to help people and planet, in both Australia and Tanzania.








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